Pop Up 3D Wood Gift Cards – Designed & Made in Scotland

1. Mini A7 cards
1. Mini A7 cards

Pop Up 3D Wood Gift Cards – Designed & Made in Scotland

Winner 2016 best NEW gift product! Cards to Give! Make someone happy and send them a Wooden Gift Card! Our design company is founded on the wonderful idea (that most people know) of giving to others, gives you happiness too! We know many, many folk who like to give to family, friends, colleagues and some to random strangers or anyone! The gift card business is all about the pleasure and fun anyone can get when they give and make someone else smile! If you would like to follow our story of giving join us as friends and like our page on facebook. We are helping and giving to projects in Equador, India and now Kenya!

Supporting Sustainability & Charity

Our 3D Pop Up cards are made 100% recyclable and sustainable sourced wood (FSC). At least 10% of money raised goes to support charity (www.compassionuk.org). We are supporting projects in South America and Africa giving food, clothing, shelter, education and building staffed vocational workshops. We have been contributing for over 25 years. logo-compassion

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Thrilled our first project in Kenya is helping Children get vocational training! Photo of a table these two made this autumn! ... See MoreSee Less

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Probably our most important post of 2 years of pop up designing and making: Thrilled to get our report in from the vocation woodworking skills course in Kenya! It seems that the hard work on pop up designs is starting to make a difference in some young peoples lives!! Very Happy. 😃

For those who are interested the words of the compassionuk project report are below :


Youth unemployment is one of the most pressing social and economic problems that developing countries face
today. Kenya, like other parts of the world struggles, with youth unemployment challenges. Youth unemployment
constitutes 70% of total unemployment in the country. This explains why young people are engaged in antisocial
activities which create a lot of social problems like alcoholism, drug abuse and sexual promiscuity.
Mahiakalo Church of God Child Development Centre offers a solution to these problems by engaging the youth at
the centre in livelihood skills such as fashion and design, beadwork, carpentry and carpet making. 30 youth are
currently enrolled in the carpentry class. These youth are being trained to make wood products such as coffee
tables, stools and sofas. However, there is a limited number of tools and this hinders the centre from operating at
an optimum level. Through this intervention, the centre will be able to empower the youth with carpentry skills
which will provide them with a sustainable income.
INTERVENTION Carpentry skills
LOCATION Kakamega county in Kenya
BENEFICIARIES 30 Compassion-supported children in the first year
FUNDING £12,928
The intervention is facilitating training for 30 youth for a year after which they will graduate and pave the way for
another batch of youth. The scope of the intervention includes; acquiring carpentry equipment, training the youth
on carpentry, entrepreneurship and business skills and application of the skills learnt. The intervention started in
May this year and is set to end in July next year.
In September, two planning machines and eight jack planes were purchased and installed after the tendering
process was completed. All other tools, which include; 8 smoothing planes, 10 try squares, 12 G clamps, 10 claw
hammers, 4 sash clamps, 4 cross-peen hammers, 8 marking gauges, 10 drill press bits, 16 saw files, 10 wood files,
16 screw drivers, 8 oil stones, 12 hand saws, 4 metre squares, 2 tenon saws, 6 plough planes, chisels, vice clamps,
cross cut saws, glass cutters and hand drills were purchased in October.
Theoretical lessons are currently ongoing. The students have so far been taught how to make the skeleton of a
chair, and how to make a locker, stool, desk and coffee table. They have been taught how to make measurements,
planning along the grain, making joints, ripping the frames using the ripping saw, crosscutting the wood,
assembling wood and applying varnish correctly.
In October practical lessons began. Six students who are currently in secondary school began learning and making
various items. They were later joined by nine students who attend boarding school as soon as schools closed in
October. Both groups of students are participating in theoretical and practical learning. The students in college
will join the rest of the other students this month when they return from college.
Under the supervision of the woodwork skills instructor, the students have been able to produce items which
include; 2 coffee tables, 3 lockers, 2 chairs and 2 reading desks.
Currently the students are undergoing entrepreneurial skills training.


Tools for centre £6,614
Tools for Compassion supported children upon completion of the course £1,041
Material for production of furniture £1,236
Two instructors £811

As this intervention is ongoing, £5,683 of the funds remain to be spent.


Thank you, Fiona and Andy, for funding this intervention. As you can see, this intervention is making a real impact on the lives of the 30 Compassion-supported youth and those who will follow.

Progress report for carpentry workshop for youthCOMPASSION UK CHRISTIAN CHILD DEVELOPMENT 43 High Street, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8BB
t. 01932836490 e. info@compassionuk.org
Registered charity in England and Wales (1077216) and Scotland (SC045056) Registered in England No: 03719092
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Christmas Bauble Cards now on the website! Since Gabrielle Pretto, designed 6 baubles to sell on our new Amazon shop (coming soon) they have sold really well direct from the workshop so I have been instructed to add them to the website!
Fiona thinks they are rather cute!!
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After a great cross country ski we set up for a Christmas Fair at Glen Moray ready for tomorrow! Fiona will be at Brodie Country Fair near Forres promoting pop up designs tomorrow morning and Andy will be at Glen Moray Christmas Event from 11 to 5pm! We would love to see some friendly faces if any one is around! ... See MoreSee Less

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