Dragon Card


A pop up dragon based on drawings of dragons from Japan. It was done originally for a Japanese restaurant but is now available to you. 8 parts join together to make this delicate chap! On his tongue it says “hot stuff”! You can give it to the BBQ chef, any hot cook, dragon enthusiast, Japanese friend or someone who is really “hot stuff” or keen laser cutting specialist as they are always burning their way through stuff !?

Pop Up cards are quick to make, easy to assemble, need no glue and all have pop out parts to make them 3D. Pop Up cards are designed and made in Scotland by precision laser cutting. The are made from a sustainable and recyclable poplar plywood.

All cards come with a C6 coloured envelope,  a C6 cellophane wrap and a paper insert with a photo of the assembled 3D wooden product and a space to write a message! Wooden cards are L140 x W95 x T4 mms  and weigh 30gms.  All postcards have a protective blank sticker on the reverse. All cards can be posted for the same price as a normal letter in the UK .


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