Pop UP Designs June 2015 News

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The workshop has been up and running now with the laser cutter working most days! The most successful designs seem to be the smaller versions and bucking the trend for phone selfies, amazingly Pop up postcards seem to sell best! I have met up with a really nice guy “David” from Stirling who is considering helping us market the pop ups to a much wider sphere, he has managed to get a deal with the Scottish Parliament to put products in their shop (but awaiting approval for the official use of the logo).

Eileen Donan Castle is selling lots of the custom postcards and one posted at Dunveagan has led to another shop  stocking pop ups and a custom design of a skye postcard!  New designs out of pop up postcard sheep, pop up thank ewe card evolved from the same design, and custom designs of pop up people freakishly appeared for a custom job to support charity work in Romania (pops up sarah dabell, pop up principle!)

Oh and the really big news is we retire from teaching at Gordonstoun after 17 years to do some part time pop up business. Hopefully eventually raising lots for charity, compassion and supporting the really poor children of the world after working with some of the lovelist rich ones!

thank-ewe-card - Pop UP Designs June 2015 News
Thank Ewe card ! designed after 17 years teaching at Gordonstoun school!