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More Information is just in about the project we are helping to fund for a furniture workshop set up in Kenya. ( It is shocking to read of how much the average person earns in this area below) . We are supporting this project that will give 30 boys and girls (who are near the end of the compassion sponsorship) a vocational training in wood working and furniture making. Hopefully it will help these students and also have a long top benefit of helping the area escape poverty. We know the funds were released for tools, materials, teaching etc for this in June and we hope for photos and a progress report by December this year. All is going well we believe so far!
Mahiakalo Church of God Child Development Centre
LOCATION Mahiakalo, 50 kilometres north of Kisumu, Kenya
CHURCH PARTNER Mahiakalo Church of God
Typical houses in Mahiakalo are constructed of dirt floors, mud walls and thatched roofs. The primary ethnic group is Luhya and languages are Luhya and Swahili.
The highest level of education available to the community is secondary school, although not everyone has the opportunity to attend. Vocational training is available for adults and young people outside of the education system but trade choices are limited to tailoring and metalwork. There is a need for financial assistance with school fees and text books.
75% of the adults in Mahiakalo are unemployed but those who are employed work in subsistence farming, petty trading and domestic services and earn the equivalent of less than £1 per month.
Health problems, such as malaria and typhoid are more common when the regional diet of maize, beans, banana and potato become scarce between the months of April and July. The nearest medical facility, Kakamega Public Health Hospital, is three and a half kilometres away, a distance that takes thirty minutes to cover on foot.
Social Issues
Some of the social issues could be alleviated through the provision of greater access to food and shelter.
Mahiakalo experiences a dry humid climate for most of the year with a rainy season between April and July. The warmest month is January with an average temperature of 32ºC while the coolest is December with an average of 26ºC.
The Mahiakalo Church of God serves the community through its Compassion-supported centre Mahiakalo Church of God Child Development Centre, addressing the spiritual needs of the children living in their community.
The church owns the centre building. The centre has an electricity supply although it’s not always available.
Each Compassion church partner seeks to meet their community’s needs in culturally appropriate ways and The Mahiakalo Church of God has devised programmes tailored specifically to the children it serves.
In order to ensure that the children develop physically, the centre provides nutritional food, medication, healthcare, hygiene classes and organised physical activities, as well as raising awareness of sanitation issues by running sanitation workshops.
The main religion in Mahiakalo is Protestant but children registered at the centre come from a variety of religious backgrounds. .
Many of the children have no safe place to play outside of the centre’s walls so staff members take care to encourage their social and emotional growth through group games and community projects. Their schooling is also supplemented through the provision of educational materials, mentoring and extracurricular tuition.