New Laser and Laser technician

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New Laser and Laser Technician

IMG_1822-300x300 - New Laser and Laser technicianExcited by the arrival of our new employee Ronnie Moreland who is joining us to help meet the demand from customers.  Ronnie joins Terry Millard (who has worked with us since November last year,  you can see Terry modelling the “seaside glasses pop up” in the fun and novelty section of our shop page! He does look good!) We are now supplying over 150 shops with display stands and cards.  Our fifth laser cutter has just arrived, a more powerful beast that can cut out cards much more easily on a lower power setting, this gives less burn and a more golden edge to a laser cut.  We are not quite sure how many we can make in a day as it is new to us and needs to be a little tamed, but it is close to 600 if we work long hours!