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Mrs Pop UP starts up "mini" Instagram Account

Instagram??? Yes Mrs Pop UP has started to instagram “popupdesigns” she is going to share wooden gift cards with recipes! 

If you know her well, she loves baking, the bake off, making me fat, and all things cooking! She is the Pop UP Star baker! 

This photo shows her second post.. Lemon drizzle cake done for our local Garage “Davy Mcleods” who repaired our mini yesterday  (really great garage and nice folk there)… hence the mini pop up card! Still going to trade in the mini, we think as it needs a new clutch, brakes and a headlight bulb so I might eat cake for comfort! (not true as cake has already gone to the garage to say thank you). I think Mrs Pop UP plans to post the recipes on this website newspage here  if you want to make one.

 She is very very good at baking we all know and her recipes are sort after often!…/great-brita…/the-mini-card