Gordonstoun School Business Studies Project

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Gordonstoun School Business Studies Project

IMG_1989-300x180 - Gordonstoun School Business Studies Project

IMG_1987-300x225 - Gordonstoun School Business Studies ProjectTwo groups of Students visit Pop UP designs for a morning in order to set up a Business Studies projects for their GCSE course. They plan to buy a range of Christmas products to sell through their school connections. The two groups are planning different strategies for purchase, orders, advertising, marketing etc in order to learn the skills of a small business.  The groups are an international mix competing to be the most profitable, with their profits going towards the long term support of an African school.

We had a fun morning remembering what it was like to be teachers, giving a tour of the workshop, showing the products, Fiona’s excellent home made cakes and negotiating deals for each team.   My voice had almost gone within 30 mins! We have forgotten how hard it is to be teachers!

We hope to be working with another school in Dunblane early next year with their technology challenge project too,  this is for younger pupils when a parent who has a collection of Pop UPs contacted the school to suggest it would make a fun project.  We hope that pupils will produce designs that we can modify and make for the best designs.