Boxsilhouette Trials for 2018!

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We are taking today the 21 new designs of Boxsilhouette cards to trial for sale at Logie Steading near Forres! Excited to see if we have some top sellers here. We are trying an introductory price of £6 each.  Each wooden card pops up into a little box with a surprise silhouette scene inside, initial reactions from friends and those who have seen them has been very positive so we are hoping for a great selling product so to raise lots of funds for our charity causes.  Each card has instructions on how to put it together inside as they are a little more complicated to make than the standard postcard and card range, but easily achievable for most folk we believe.  It is definitely the most delicate, detailed and precise laser cutting to date and we have purchased two new laser cutters to help with the production!

IMG_3251-1024x780 - Boxsilhouette Trials for 2018!