Birdies birdies and birdies!

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Lots has been happening in Pop UP world with the design of many bird related products.  We have been very pleased to be working with the design team at “i like birds” to develop some products for marketing and possibly for sale nationwide.  Inspiration came from designing a few larger products that could have pop up cards attached,  so lamp shades, birdie trees and bird boxes were added to the list with a lovely new way of getting a double sided bird ( well a principle we had used before in the Hap-Bee Birdie Card).  So a new design of Wren, Blue tit were created to add to  the lamp shades, bird boxes and birdie trees.  The challenges are in the packing as they all our much bigger to post and to fit into standard sized postable boxes for delivery at a sensible price.  We are excited about these products and will probably display the range at the launch in 2019 at the Scottish Gift Trade Show.  The i like birds products are being offered as prizes and gifts at the Harrogate Trade Show in July 2018 on the mygifttrade exhibition stand.  All very exciting for a birdacious future!

If you would like to see more about what we are currently designing or find out more about our charity partnerships please link to our facebook page where you can follow our journey.

IMG_4102-150x150 - Birdies birdies and birdies! IMG_4223 - Birdies birdies and birdies! woody-peckers-4-217x300 - Birdies birdies and birdies! wren-card-6-150x150 - Birdies birdies and birdies! IMG_4320 - Birdies birdies and birdies! birdie-tree-36cm-large-1 - Birdies birdies and birdies! birdbox-mini-3-1-150x150 - Birdies birdies and birdies!