Pop UPs contributing to Albania Adopt-A-Child Dentistry and Medical Work.

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Pop UPs contributing to Albania Adopt-A-Child Dentistry and Medical Work.

This month we are pleased to be contributing towards the wonderful work of Adopt-A-Child in Albania, they are going to use the money to help with the dentistry and medical work on the Children they look after! Fabulous. The photo is from their recent visit of the national director of the dentistry facility they have funded as set up in Kotodesh. We hope to contribute towards this for the next couple of months. I quote what was written to me.
“Dental: I met the dentist, Evis, who currently works in our purpose-build clinic in Kotodesh one day a week (she has her own dental practice in Pogradec). This clinic was built by a volunteer work party from Inverness and furnished/equipped using money raised by our Charity Shop in Markethill, Northern Ireland. She would like to develop her work, taking a portable clinic to the other programmes as she has done in the past. It currently costs $1000 per year for her dental supplies and a further $1000 for equipment. Please see attached photo of Evis treating a boy with toothache who arrived while we were visiting the clinic.

Medical: Each village has its own doctor. Appointments are free, but the prescriptions are not. When funds allow, we can pay for the medication the children need but can’t afford. We are also planning to restart visiting medical teams from the UK & Ireland who would go to Albania for a week/fortnight and work under the supervision of the local Albanian doctor. All medication would be provided free of charge and the local doctor would then follow up on the patients seen after the visiting team leaves.

It is wonderful to think that Pop Up cards are starting to make a difference in some lives!!