Linking Up with Adopt-A-Child Projects!

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IMG_3992 - Linking Up with Adopt-A-Child Projects!

Thrilled to have given a cheque to Adopt-A-Child today!

It makes all the hours of designing, packing, making worth while.

We have agreed to donate monthly for a year to three projects and to give a cheque today to start it off. The cheque will give what they need to purchase a four by four car to help with the amazing work they do in supporting children in Albania, getting the Christian message of Love, Care and Support for the whole person to the many children out there. Our monthly contributions will go to three different projects we chose 1. to Guatamala to help with an agricultural project (they feed 100 000 children a week there) perhaps towards a greenhouse or agricultural equipment or buy a coo!! ( we love coo’s here at Pop UPs!) 2. to help with medical aid for children in Albania, the cost of medical support is beyond most families out there. 3. Adopt-A-Child is looking into us contributing towards glasses and eye care for the Children in Albania. Thank you again to Janis for coming all the way over here again to receive the cheque, show us videos and give us information about the charity. All very exciting for the future! We have now got to raise more money for these great causes. Check out

if you want to find out more. Massive Big Thank you to all those who have supported our business start up, brought and given our cards , to all the shops that stock us and those who have made this possible. Our only regret is that we cannot give more.